Saturday, January 14, 2017

How Now Brown Cow?

     My title being one of my fave lines/moments from "The Nanny". Cuz I'm old like that I guess, for all you youngun's reading this, see the 90's, of which yes, I do remember part of, at least...

     Anywho, I am making progress and am at least maintaining my under 185 goal at home, but we shall see what the nasty, evil, vile, scale at the Dr.s Office says on Wednesday, along with hopefully an exercise regimen that won't kill me, or any of my body parts, like my ankles for example, I kinda need those.
     Also, my new line of work has me pulling long hours, but that's what happens with full-time hours I guess. No news otherwise to report there.

     All is peaceful-like on the bakery front, but then again it's me-One of the old Bakery Girls, "Dr. Donut", and "The 16 yr old wonder". It can't really be explained why it works with the three of us, but it does. As long as I don't come in on the wrong part of any conversations.

     Anyways, life is overall good, so sorry, but I kinda have nothing to whine about for your pleasure and amusement, I don't work, nor see Bubba Joe Jack (one of them), anymore, and I'm glad. That's how goes it, the end.

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