Saturday, January 7, 2017

Why Does FB Think I Want to Look Like a Lumberjack?

     It's Saturday, and I had nothing better to do, so of course, like a true millennial, I get on Facebook. Now what to my wandering to the side bar eyes should appear (paraphrasing-Big-Time) but a rainbow of plaid shirt ads. My only explanation being that FB thinks I should be a plaid loving lumberjack. This as I'm posting videos on Facebook, and instagram, it's true, I love me my social media, but hey! I made it under 185 Lbs. for like two whole days, with more portion control, and cutting back to one can of pop a day.
     Now imagine me getting a workout regimen approved by my new doctor, possibly getting off the blood thinner (if the clots were not genetic, which so far all of the tests have come back negative, find out Feb. 6th for sure!!!) , so back to eating leafy greens or veggies with vitamin K in them, aka a balanced diet, and I could be back down to 140 Lbs, in several months, maybe a couple of years!
      Maybe without anyone singing Hannah Montana songs at me, like I did that one day...Please let it never come to that again! ANYWAYS, yes, I still have more weight to lose. No, I do not want to look like a lumberjack...

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