Monday, January 16, 2017

#Stoplookinglikeawhore and Other Thoughts...

     My #Stoplookinglikeawhore hashtag,  my single most liked hashtag, where I state I will not follow someone if any part of them is hanging out in their profile pic. What I mean, is someone with their boobs or buttock exposed on social media. There are certain things a lady need not see,especially when I have my own to look at in the mirror, or just look down at, should I really feel the urge to, So for the women that feel the urge to do so, I see no need, again, I have my own.

     With that said, do not be surprised if the young ladies coming up in this world have their respect lessened for men, because of what you've done. Men and/or women, you're both responsible for this. Men for asking women to do this, women for actually going through with it.
     Also, I will not follow you on Twitter, if all your profile states is something about sex, again, no, I will not follow you. This coming from someone who could barely stand to sit, or squat rather, through one pap smear, in all honesty(sorry for the TMI moment-but it's true), and you want me to really care about sex right now? I just survived blood clots and bleeding on the brain, in July, due to taking birth control pills to regulate my period, so no, I do not consider having sex, on my list of priorities right now, social media, #sorrynotsorry to disappoint you.

     I know I help not the drinking culture in "I'm Just Not Drunk Enough to Deal With This Right Now" but actually, I expect it to be a collection of true (to me) stories, I'm 27, despite temptation, I never drank before 21 yrs old. With it being a double standard for Criminology & Criminal Justice majors, which at that time, that was one of mine, so I picked the lesser of the evils at the time. Nowadays I can't drink anyways, because once you've had hallucinations, and you've been known to have a drink on occasion, they tend to frown upon alcohol so again, it really makes no difference, now does it. My point of this post.

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