Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I Really Do Like Other Things Besides Sloths...

     While yes, if you know me, you've probably know I like other things besides sloths, they're probably just the thing that now pops into my family and friends' minds when they think of me. Some other things I like, include the following, in no particular order, because I didn't think this through...:

1. Betty White, she's awesome, I want her career longevity.
2. Funko Pops-but only characters I actually relate to which include characters such as
2a. Rose (Betty White's Character on Golden Girls)
2b.Flash (The sloth from Zootopia, okay so I can't relate-but they had me at sloth)
2c. Luna Lovegood-she's quirky, like me, I also just like saying nargles sometimes, watch for that...
The Big Bang Theory characters:
2d.Raj-when he had "selective mutism" towards the opposite sex-teen years I felt like that a little sometimes....
2e. Amy Farrah Fowler for her perfectly timed awkwardness.
2f. Bernadette-personality wise

     Which brings me to, I love that show, and that I can usually find it in syndication, somewhere, at any time of the day(possible exaggeration), basically I would not trade any cast member, because the show would not be the same, I love it too much.

     Sherlock-clearly Benedict Cumberbatch, is awesome as well as the others in it, Cumberbitch? I think not...

     If you want book recommendations-  Look no further than any CP memoir written, to understand the different types, if you want my sense of humor, I tend to suggest Tina Fey, "Bossypants" I laughed the whole ride to CA on the plane, they probably thought me crazy, and if you still have not read the Harry Potter books, read them, all though I haven't finished "The Cursed Child" yet, because it makes me sad to think it's over...Anything that's a memoir, I  usually find enjoyable, so read whatever you like.

     Also Star Wars-Watch them, any order...
     Also, not that I don't like Anime or Manga? stuff, it's that I don't understand it, but I know my friends love it, so if you feel like explaining story lines, I will listen happily,and if you call me quiet, I'll tell you they-Australian surgeons, preformed Brain surgery on a Goldfish... There, I warned you.

Oh, and talking about politics just makes me cry...

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