Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Forgotten or Fantastic Opportunity

     So, as some of you may know, I love to read, so much so I have bags of books waiting to be read, which I will read someday, it's not hoarding, if you're really going to read them...but in the process of going to the local book store, I forgot my phone.

     Did I notice before I left? No, I actually didn't notice till I was at my car, and going to call my dear mother. Needless to say, I didn't call her and just returned home, but in that time, I was free from my phone, yes my smartphone was carelessly left on it's own, in the safety of my home. Was I void of technology completely? Well, there was the car I drove there,I had my mp3 player in my bag, in case I needed to calm/center myself while doing said driving (Or wake my self up),  and many other technological advances at the store, but never mind those  back to my point. I did not need my phone, buzzing me with email ads, who's following me on twitter, or Facebook knocking me with some tag, the whole time.

     Does this mean I should leave my phone at home during weekdays that include an hour and a half drive round trip? No, because that's just no good, especially in Iowa winters. But it does mean that maybe, just maybe, for a half hour trip, I can still be free, free from that which I may believe at times may be the only thing connecting me to the outside world, and actually connect with the outside world.

     You should try it sometime?

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